Some Clinton-Massie Levy Facts

The Clinton-Massie Local School District is asking voters to approve a 5.8 mill additional property tax that will generate $1.6 million annually for 5 years for a total of $8.0 million over the next 5 years.

Year Enrollment Revenue
($ millions)
2007 1765 $14.3
2012 1823 $15.5
2015 1762 $17.1
2017 1739 $17.7

Source: Ohio Department of Education

Fact 1. Enrollment has been declining. Since 2012 Clinton-Massie has seen a 4.6% decline in enrollment. Current enrollment is below 2007 levels. Class sizes will become smaller without additional tax revenue.

Fact 2. Revenue has increased. Since 2012, Clinton-Massie has seen a 14% increase in revenue. With so much additional revenue and declining enrollment, why is a new money tax levy required?

Fact 3. According the Clinton-Massie’s financial forecast, since 2014 the district has responsibly balanced spending with the amount of funding received, maintaining a relatively steady positive cash balance of $3.0 million. After years of responsible spending, in 2018, the district plans to begin spending significantly more than it receives. In 2018 the district plans to deficit spend $648,000 more than it receives. In 2019, it will spend $1,011,838 more than receipts. In 2020, $1,569,387 more. And, in 2021 spending will be $1,852,507 more than 2021 funding.  With declining enrollment and a track record of keeping spending under control, the surge in spending is unnecessary.

Fact 4. The 2016 average teacher salary at Clinton-Massie is $51, 489 per year.  In the school district, the 2016 average household income is $44,914.  Also consider these two points. First, a household income is reported from tax returns and often represents earnings from more than one wage earner.  Second, teachers typically work on 185 day contracts while full-time employees in the private sector work 240 or more days per year.  If the salaries are put on an common basis for the number of days worked, $51,489 average teacher salary represents approximately $67,000 per year.